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Futurebook for Active Reading Habits Futurebook is designed to help children aged 1 to 10 to develop active reading habits based on their levels. Ten years of our relentless development has made Futurebook the leading educational toy brand in Korea. With interesting stories and various sounds, Futurebook motivates children to pick up books and helps them build reading skills such as text reading, picture walk, and context understanding.
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Personalized Reading at Each Level

Futurebook is designed to help children aged 1 to 10 to develop
active reading habits based on their levels.

Futurebook Designed to Help Developing Reading
Skills before Going to School

Futurebook for Active Reading Habits Futurebook is for children who start to read Korean. Playing with a reading pen and listening to interesting stories, they can build various knowledge and improve concentration.

Futurebook makes reading fun and teaches reading skills.

Various kinds of reading activities can be made with one Futurebook robot.

We are continuing to publish books for Futurebook.
Make the best use of the robot by getting more books.

Choose from Various Books of Futurebook Library

  • Disney Series
  • Animation Series
  • Study Series

Try Little Futurebook before Starting with Futurebook

Little Futurebook for Children Who Start Talking Little Futurebook includes a character reading pen for children who start talking.
Children can learn everything from counting to Korean, English, and Chinese, with their favorite characters with Little Futurebook. Complete your child’s preschool education with Little Futurebook that talk and sing.

Reading Pen for Children Who Start Talking

Sound Futurebook as the First Reading Activity

Let Sound Futurebook read to your child. Start the first reading activity with Sound Futurebook for your children aged 1 year and above.
The contents are made simple, but they are rich and fun.
With vivid storytelling, various sound effects, and wonderful illustrations, Sound Futurebook will make reading easy and fun.
Sound Futurebook has been developed based on10 years of our expertise on Futurebook. Various sound effects
Sound sources equivalent of 1 audio CD included
Vivid storytelling
Sing-along songs
Voices of children’s favorite characters

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