We are a Dream Family! DREAM TEAM AT TOYTRON
We dream of a better future!
Toytron is waiting for the ones who are full of dreams of
a better future, passions, and childlike innocence.

People We Are Looking for

We are looking for the ones who can understand and exemplify our core values.

01 People who know
the value of LOVE
02 People who know
the value of HUMILITY
03 People who know
the value of LEARNING
04 People who know
the value of TIME
05 People who know
the value of CLEANLINESS
06 People who know
the value of WORK
07 People who know
the value of WEALTH

Hiring Process

  • 01Apply by Email
  • 02Application Review
  • 03 1st Stage Interview(with recruiters)
  • 042nd Stage Interview (with CEO)
  • 05Employment Offer

Year-Round Recruitment

Toytron is accepting applications all year. If you send your résumé to our recruiters at, we will review it and contact you.

JOB Information

Sales Department
  • Client management
  • Sales management
Marketing Department
  • Strategic planning of brands
  • Planning and production of
    advertising and promotional materials
  • Planning of online and offline sales
  • VMD
  • Overseas marketing
Business Management Department
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • General affairs
  • Logistics
Production Department
  • Production management
  • Offshore outsourcing
  • Quality assurance
  • Commerce and trade
  • Import and export management
Creativity Development Department
  • Planning and production of educational contents Futuredream (educational toys)
Design Development Department
  • Planning of brand concepts
  • Product design
  • Package design
  • Doll clothes and plush toys design


  • 1. Performance-related pay
  • 2. Opportunities to attend toy fairs and exhibitions
  • 3. Rewards for long service: plaques and bonuses given every five years
  • 4. Personal development training: Onsite or offsite training
  • 5. Cash gifts: for birthdays and family events

Rejection of Unauthorized Collection of Email Address

It is strictly forbidden to collect the email address from this website by using email address extraction programs or any other technical devices. Those who violate this will receive a criminal punishment in accordance withthe Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.

Publication date: December 15th, 2006